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TS-FD/RD Series

The fiber optical/copper hybrid distribution box provides a solution for the coexistence of fiber optical/copper cabling, so that copper cabling can be upgraded seamlessly to optical fiber cabling. The fiber optical/ copper hybrid distribution box provides a way to facilitate the convenience and effectiveness of the fiber optical/copper cabling system management. T&S developed two series of fiber optical/copper hybrid distribution boxes (TS-FD1 and TS-FD2). The distribution box of this series has distinct appearance characteristics: the iconic front door, highlighting a strong sense of design. Drawer design makes it easier for installation and maintenance, so that the installation is no longer limited to box inner space. The open rear cable management rack can be disassembled. The design combining cable management and fusion maximizes the box function, and makes effective and efficient cable management accessible. T&S fiber optic/ copper hybrid distribution box has strong compatibility and expansibility, and is one of the best choices of fiber optical/copper cabling project.

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