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The Difference Between Armored Jumper and Ordinary Fiber Optic Jumper

The Difference Between Armored Jumper and Ordinary Fiber Optic Jumper

1. Armored fiber jumper

Also known as steel armor jumper, it is a special type of fiber jumper that is coated with a protective helical stainless steel "armor" sleeve around the fiber. Armored jumper is a new type of fiber optic jumper, which can be used in equipment rooms and various harsh environments.

2. Armored jumper VS ordinary fiber jumper

Compared with ordinary fiber jumpers, the armored fiber jumpers are protected by stainless steel hoses, and have higher compression and tensile properties. Ordinary optical fiber jumper cable is mainly composed of three parts: tight-packed optical fiber, aramid yarn and outer sheath, while armored optical cable adds a layer of stainless steel armor between the two layers of tight-packed optical fiber and aramid yarn. Without affecting the optical performance of the optical fiber itself, the lateral pressure resistance of the optical fiber itself is greatly improved, and damage caused by mechanical force can be prevented. Also, it's nti-shock and anti-rat bite.

Although the armored fiber optic patch cord adds a stainless steel sleeve, it does not affect its flexibility at all. By comparing the bending performance of the armored optical fiber jumper with ordinary products, it can be seen that the usable bending diameter of the armored fiber jumper can reach φ5mm, which is half of the conventional products. As a result, there is great flexibility even when used in confined spaces or harsh environments.

Ordinary fiber patch cords are prone to wear and tear on the surface after being used for a long time, which affects the transmission quality. The reuse rate of armored fiber optic patch cords is much higher than that of ordinary fiber optic patch cords, up to about 75% (this data varies depending on the complexity of the specific wiring), while most of the ordinary ones cannot be recycled, and the recycling rate is less than 20%. High durability and repeatability reduce wiring costs and waste of resources.

When the optical fiber jumper is made into a branch, because the optical fiber jumper is often pulled during use, the branched optical cable is easily torn off, and the tensile strength is poor. Armored optical fiber jumpers can still be made into branch jumpers of various specifications, and the optical cables at the branches are still protected by stainless steel sleeves, which greatly increases the tensile performance.

Armored optical fiber jumpers have important applications in telecom optical fiber long-distance lines and primary and secondary trunk line transmission. The product of choice for light transmission used in conditions.

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