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Fiber Optical Components

Fiber Optical Components

As the Chinese mainland's first manufacturer of the ceramic ferrule, T&S has 20-year history of production and has the ability to produce from the powder to ferrule blank to whole process of processing technology and equipment with independent property rights. As a main manufacturer of Chinese mainland ceramic ferrule industry, it has been leading the development of advanced technology of ceramic ferrule. With the continuous expansion of the product line, other optical communication basic components including MT ferrule, PLC wafer and chip are gradually added to the T & s product lines.

Standard Fiber Optical Ceramic Ferrule

Ferrule is the most important component of fiber optical connectors and fiber optical patch cord. It could be made of different materials, such as plastics, stainless steel, and ceramic (zirconia).

Non-standard Ceramic Ferrule

We provide a variety of single-mode and multi-mode non-standard ceramic ferrules with pre domed and pre-angled end-face configurations for fast polishing and loss back reflection. Our highly precision ...

Fiber Stub

Fiber Stub is a ceramic (zirconia) capillary assembled with optical fiber. It is the most important component when connecting receptacle Modules such as TOSA and ROSA assemblies. Fiber stubs are fitte...

MT Ferrules

The MT ferrule is a multi-fiber, plastic ferrule with a square end-face of 6.4x2.5 mm and fiber pitch 0.25mm, widely applied in MPO connectors and AOC cables. 12 and 24-fiber MT ferrules are the most ...

PLC Wafer

Based on Planar Lightwave Circuit technologies, PLC splitter wafers are produced on the quartz substrate through a series of processes including CVD deposition, photo-masking, etching, etc. PLC splitt...

PLC Chip

Based on Planar Lightwave Circuit technologies, PLC splitter chips can uniformly divide and guide light in the wavelength ranges from 1260nm to 1650nm. With low insertion loss (IL), low Polarization D...
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