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Fiber Optical Subcomponent

Fiber Optical Subcomponent

As the first ceramic ferrule manufacturer in Mainland China, T&S has nearly 30 years experience in ceramic ferrule manufacturing. T&S now has the ability to produce from ceramic powder to ferrule blank to whole process of processing technology and equipment with independent property rights. As a main manufacturer of Chinese mainland ceramic ferrule industry, it has been leading the development of advanced technology of ceramic ferrule. With the continuous expansion of T&S product line, other optical communication basic components including MT ferrule, PLC wafer & chip has been gradually added to the T & S product lines.

Standard Ceramic Ferrule

T&S standard ceramic ferrules are typically used as sub-components within fiber optic connectors, but can also be integrated in various specialized applications. They are made of zirconia ceramic, which offers the highest performance and durability of almost all ferrule material types. All Standard Ferrules are precisely manufactured after more than 30 complicated processing steps according to strict quality standards. Our high precision standard zirconia ferrules are designed for high reliability and performance. Available ferrule types are SC, ST, LC, MU, SMA with flat, PC, cone, step, or pre-angled end-faces.

Non-standard Ceramic Ferrule

T&S custom (or sometimes non-standard) ferrules are designed to meet unique requirements for a wide range of applications, including medical, military, or scientific integration. T&S non-standard ferrules are made of zirconia ceramics, with inside diameters from 80 μm to 750 μm, in lengths from 2.5mm to 22.4mm, and with features such as multi-step, flats, slots, grooves, and chamfers.
We provide high precision custom and special size zirconia ceramic ferrules with OD sizes ranging from 0.60mm to 3.17mm in any length from 2.5mm to 22.4mm. All custom ferrules are precisely made with tightest tolerances to hit your unique application requirements and standards.

Fiber Stub

Fiber Stub is a zirconia ceramic structure stub assembled with optical fiber. Fiber stub is the most fundamental component when connecting optical receptacles like TOSA and ROSA. Fiber stubs are press fitted into a receptacle and a steady connection is then soundly guaranteed.
T&S offers a high-quality fiber stub for TOSA-ROSA Receptacle. We master a market proven polishing knowhow and use specially designed high precision machines. With experienced manufacturing process, T&S fiber stubs present premium performance and satisfying defect rate in coupling assembly for TOSA and ROSA.

MT Ferrule

MT (Mechanical Transfer) ferrule has been widely used to assemble MPO/MTP® connectors, and optical coupling unit in QSFP+ transceivers and active optical cables (AOC) etc. MT ferrule is also suitable for various custom designed fiber coupling scenario of passive or active applications.
T&S’ highly stable and reliable MT ferrule allows better fiber protrusion control with less polishing time and lower force requirement, which offers superior end-face geometry performance. At T&S, MT ferrules are available from 8F, 12F, 16F, 24F, 32F and up to 48F so far. All of them are available at standard loss level and some at Elite (Low Loss) level, among which 12F and 24F MT ferrules are the most commonly used across most applications, particularly for MPO connectors and MPO cable assemblies.
Mini MT ferrule and a variety of special structure MT ferrule are also available at T&S, which could be very user-friendly when you have unique application requirements.

PLC Wafer & Chip

As an experienced plc splitter factory, T&S offers PLC splitter wafers as well. Based on Planar Lightwave Circuit technologies, PLC splitter wafers are produced on the quartz substrate through a series of processes including CVD deposition, photo-masking, etching, etc. PLC splitter wafers can be designed for 1x2, 1x4, 1x8, 1x16, 1x32, 1x64 and 2xN. Splitter chips with high yield, quality and reliability, are made of PLC wafers through dicing and polishing.
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