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How Is 25G AOC Active Optical Cable?

How Is 25G AOC Active Optical Cable?

AOC is fully known as active optical cable. In big data era, more and more high-density and high-bandwidth cables are used. At this time, there are many problems when using passive optical cables or cable systems based on copper wires. In order to ensure the stable transmission and flexible application, users urgently need a new product to serve as the primary transport medium for high performance computing and data centers.

In the communication process of active optical cable, external energy is needed to convert electrical signals into optical signals, or the communication cables are needed to convert optical signals into electrical signals. Optical transceivers at both ends of the cable provide photoelectric conversion and optical transmission functions. In this paper, we will introduce 25G AOC.

In the market, optical transceivers have a variety of rates, and AOC active optical cable also has a variety of rates. There are 200G AOC/120G AOC/ 100G AOC/56G AOC/50G AOC/25G AOC and so on. Each AOC with a different rate is applied in different situations. So, what about 25G AOC?

I. The structure of AOC active optical cable

As we know, active optical cable is composed of integrated photoelectric devices and used in transmission equipment for high speed and high reliability interconnection between data centers, high performance computers, and large capacity memory, etc. It uses the advantages of active optical cables for data transmission through internal electric-optical-electric conversion.

II. Characteristics of AOC active optical cable

AOC has the characteristics of low power consumption, small size, light weight and strong heat dissipation. Compared with copper cable, the transmission distance (up to 100 to 300 m) is longer, and the transmission performance is better. Compared with the optical transceivers, there is not the problem of interface pollution in active optical cable, which greatly improves the stability and reliability of the system, and reduces the management cost of the computer room.

III. Introduction of 25G AOC active optical cable

25G SFP28 AOC active optical cable is a SFP28 connector which directly connects to the fiber optical assembly. They are suitable for very short distances and provide a cost-effective way to connect racks and adjacent racks.

The 25G SFP28 AOC active optical cable is a single-channel and pluggable optical fiber. SFP28 is used for 25 Gigabit Ethernet and InfiniBand EDR applications. With OM4 fibers and OM3 fibers or 100 m fibers, it is a high performance module for short-range data communication and interconnection applications, and runs up to 70 meters at 25.78125 Gbps.

IV. Product characteristics of 25G AOC active optical cable

1. Hot swapping SFP28 form;

2. Support 25Gbps data rate;

3. The maximum link length of OM3 MMF is 70m and 100m OM4 MMF;

4. 850nm VCSEL laser and PIN detector;

5. Internal CDR transmitter and receiver channels;

6. Single 3.3V power supply;

7. Power consumption < 1 W;

8. Support the digital diagnostic function & 12C port

9. Meet RoHS6 Standards;

10. Working temperature: 0°C to 70°C.

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