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T&S Acquires Hechuan Powder

T&S Acquires Hechuan Powder

Recently, T&S acquired 79% share of Jingdezhen Hechuan Powder Technology Co. at RMB 2,047,680, becoming its holding company. T&S afterward further invested RMB 27,972,320 for expanding production.

Hechuan’s major business is manufacturing and selling nanometer ceramic powder and nanometer ceramics. Its main product powder is the primary material of nanometer ceramics. Hechuan has its own facilities and equipment which can be put into production right away when needed. Besides, Hechuan is capable of manufacturing powder and ferrule blanks in a large scale. T&S’s share acquisition and investment are in favor of integrating existing resources of both parties, which helps T&S upgrade ferrule blank production techniques, optimize T&S product chains and strengthen its muscle.

T&S disclosed the news on the Start-Up Board of China's Securities Regulatory Commission on October 27, 2017. (Announcement No.: 2017-057)



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