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MTP®/MPO Cable Assemblies

MTP®/MPO cable assembly use MPO or MTP® multi-fiber connectors. MTP®/MPO Fiber Patch Cord greatly saves space and is very convenient to use. Based on single ferrule MT technology, the MPO Fiber Patch Cord assemblies provide up to 72 fiber connections in a single point, reducing the physical space and labor requirement, while providing the same bandwidth capacity of a multi-fiber cable with individual fiber connector terminations per cable.

Typically with MT series like MTP®/MPO fiber connectors, these MTP®/MPO Patch Cord features multi-fiber connections in the same single-core fiber optic patch cord. Except for Standard MTP/MPO cable assemblies including MTP®/MTP® harness cable, shuffle cable, hydra cable and trunk cable, we also provide other types like IP68 MTP®/MPO fiber cable, MTP®/MPO loopback adapter and so on for different applications. 

MTP® MPO Fiber Cable Assembly Types

T & S MTP® / MPO cable assemblies meet the requirements of IEC61754, IEC61755, TIA568, GR1435 and other standards, and adopts a push-pull locking structure with male and female heads to ensure butt tightness and low loss. Single head loss of SM product: conventional product IL ≤ 0.75db, RL ≥ 60dB; elite product IL ≤ 0.35db, RL ≥ 60dB. Single head loss of MM product: conventional product IL ≤ 0.60db, RL ≥ 20dB; elite product IL ≤ 0.35db, RL ≥ 20dB. The optical fiber channel is used for termination and supports high bandwidth applications. It is specially designed to save cable management time and high-density fiber distribution area. The outer diameter of the optical cable can match the pre-termination of Ø 2.0 ~ 5.5mm, and the spring elasticity of 9.8N and 20n can be matched; mm supports 10g, 40g, 100g and 400g applications.

MTP®/MPO Shuffle Cable
  • Multi-fiber, single / multi-mode

  • low loss, high reliability, optical network connection

  • polarity conversion cable assembly

MTP®/MPO Shuffle Cable
MTP®/MPO Hydra Cable
  • Single/multimode SM/MM, low loss

  • multi-fiber termination to single or duplex termination short-distance breakout cable assembly

MTP®/MPO Hydra Cable
MTP®/MPO Harness Cable
  • Single/multimode SM/MM, low loss

  • multi-fiber termination to single or duplex termination

  • middle/short-distance breakout cable

MTP®/MPO Harness Cable

MPO To MPO Fiber Cable Assemblies

MPO cable assemblies are also referred to multi-fiber push-on cable assemblies, which are fiber connectors with multiple optical fibers. It is also acknowledged as an array connector with more than 2 fibers. Generally, in the common data center uses, MPO Connectors are typically available with 8, 12 or 24 fibers. Most MPO fiber optic cable assemblies have 12 fibers arranged along the center of a rectangular ferrule. They are paired in the same way as the traditional LC, SC, and ST connectors, except that the MPO connector needs a male connector to connect to a female connector.

FAQs of MTP®/MPO Cable Assembly

What is MTP® Cable Meaning?

MTP® cable assembly a kind of MPO fiber optic cable assemblies proceed with MTP® connector——a registed connector brand by USCONEC, the outer frame set of MTP® fiber connector can be easily removed. The floating housing of MTP® fiber connector improves the transmission performance during mechanical docking. Two connectors can be allowed to maintain good physical contact under the influence of external forces.

The guide needle of the MTP® fiber connector is made of stainless steel, and the guide needle improves the accuracy of docking and reduces wear on the guide hole, allowing the MTP fiber connector to maintain high performance transmission more consistently.

What is MPO Cable Meaning?

MPO (Multi-fiberPushOn) connector is one of the MT series connectors, Two guide pins are accurately connected with the two 0.7mm diameter guide holes on the end of the ferrule, which makes highly accurate mating attainable. The processing of MPO connector and optical cable assemblies can produce various forms of MPO jumpers. The compact design of the MPO connector makes the higher connection density attainable. The MPO jumpers are extensively applied to connection applications inside and outside of FTTX and 40 / 100GSFP and SFP+  scenario.

What Is The Minimum Length For A MTP®/MPO Trunk Cable? 

For MTP®/MPO trunk cable, the minimum length is 0.3 in general. For customized requirements, please contact T&S sales team for details.

MTP® Connector and MPO Connector

MTP® connector is one type of MPO connector with even greater optical and mechanical performance when compared to ordinary MPO connectors. MTP® is the brand of its better designed MPO connector owned by USConec.

What's The Difference Between Ofnp And Lszh Cable Jacket?

OFNP (plenum) jacket is of the highest fire retardant rate. It gives off little smoke when on fire, LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) cable jacket is composed of thermoset compounds that emit limited smoke and no halogens when exposed to flame. At T&S, there are various jackets of different colors and materials for you to choose from.

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Applications of MTP®/MPO Cable Assemblies

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