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T&S Headquarter

T&S Hi-tech Park,

8 Jinxiu Middle Road, Pingshan, Shenzhen,

Guangdong, 518118, China

Tel: 86 755 32983688

Fax: 86 755 32983689

Customer Service

AuspChip Technologies Co., Ltd.

Tel.: +86 757-66868688
Fax: +86 757-66886700
Add.: 4F, Bldg. A, Golden Valley Optoelectronics Community,
Nanhai,Foshan, Guangdong, China

Jingdezhen Hechuan Powder Technology Co, Ltd.

Jingdezhen Ceramic IndustrialPark (Tangying Avenue),

Fuliang County, Jingdezhen City,

Jiangxi Province

+86 798 2810115

TASLO Co., Ltd.

8F, West Block, T&S High-tech Park,

8 JinxiuMiddle Road, Pingshan,

Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518118, China.

+86 755 33543597

Product Inquiry
Email us if you are interested in ts communication fiber optic products and solutions. T&S
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