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Comparison between AOC (Active Optical Cables) and Optical Transceivers

Comparison between AOC (Active Optical Cables) and Optical Transceivers

Active optical cable, as the main transmission medium for high-performance computing and data centers in the era of big data, has the advantages of high bandwidth, anti-electromagnetic interference, long transmission distance, low power consumption, small cable size, convenient use, and intensive wiring use in computer rooms. The function and application of the optical transceiver seems to be the same as that of AOC. Next, let's make a comparison between AOC (active optical cable) and the optical transceiver to see their advantages.

1. Compared with optical transceiver, AOC active optical cables have non-exposed optical interfaces, so users do not need to worry whether the optical interfaces are clean or contaminated. The stability and reliability of AOC system are greatly improved, and the maintenance cost of the computer room is reduced.

2. Compared with the optical transceiver, there is no cleanliness problem of the connector when the AOC fails. Moreover, there is no need for users to test the terminal plug, which can help users save more time.

3. The wiring consistency and repeatability of AOC (active optical cable) is better. The closed ends are easier for AOC to avoid the influence of environment and vibration. If there is a failure, it can be replaced directly, saving costs.

4. AOC is cheaper than optical transceiver, which can save deployment costs. What's more, the transmission distance can also meet users' requirements of a variety of short-distance transmission applications.

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