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What Are the Differences Between MTP and MPO Connectors?

What Are the Differences Between MTP and MPO Connectors?

1. What is MTP connector?

MTP Connector is a kind of high performance MPO connector with a variety of innovative designs. MTP is a registered brand of MPO optical fiber connector produced by US Conec.

Compared with conventional MPO connectors, MTP fiber connectors are enhanced in both optical and mechanical properties. The MTP connector fully complies with the professional standards of all MPO connectors.

The MPO connector is and MTP connector that can be paired with each other, which means that it is possible to replace an MPO connector with an MTP connector for better performance. Most MPO connectors with older designs are limited in performance and cannot provide the same high performance as MTP connectors.

2. What is MPO connector?

MPO stands for multi-fiber pull off. The connector has more than one fiber core that is mechanically inserted into place.

There are a variety of MPO designs on the market today, and different models of connected products vary greatly in performance and cost. Some products have features that make them perform better. Some MPO connectors work with many different brands, but others don't. This interoperability depends on how closely the connector design matches the standard product.

3. The difference between connector MTP and MPO

The first is the reliability test in pull and plug. After 600 times of plugging and pulling the MTP connector, the end face near the guide hole is basically intact. After 500 times of plugging and pulling the MPO connector, the end face near the guide hole is obviously damaged.

Secondly, compared with the MPO connector, the spring design of the MTP connector can maximize the space of the ribbon fiber, so as to reduce the damage to the fiber caused by the spring activity.

The MTP connector is designed with a guide pin retaining clip that prevents guide pin loss. Moreover, the MTP connector allows the MT ferrule to float within the jacket frame, improving mechanical performance. In this way, when two MT ferrules are plugged in, the physical contact of two end faces will not be changed by applying some external force, and the optical properties will not deteriorate as much as possible.

MPO/MTP fiber jumpers can be multi-mode or single-mode types. Multi-mode MPO/MTP fiber jumpers can be used in 40G or more optical modules, such as 40G SR4/eSR4 multi-mode optical modules and 100G SR4 multi-mode optical modules. Single-mode MPO fiber jumpers can be used in 40G PSM4 and 100G PSM4 optical modules.

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