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Pre-terminated Multifiber Cable
Pre-terminated Multifiber Cable

Pre-terminated Multifiber Cable

Pre-terminated multi-fiber cables consist of optical fiber cable terminated with various types of connectors, such as the ST, FC, SC, LC, MU, MTRJ, E2000 Connector types. Our polishing craft and expertise ensure excellent optical performance.


We provide Pre-terminated multi-fiber cables (indoor/outdoor/breakout cable) for Singlemode and multimode applications (SM and MM). This finds optical connectors and fiber/cable from the leading manufacturers of their application.

All of our cable assemblies are composed of our top quality ceramic ferrules and fiber connector housings to ensure stable performance at a high-quality level.

FAQs of Pre-terminated Multifiber Cable
What Is The Default Length Of Both Fanout Part (breakout Leg) And The Entire Length? Can It Be Customized?

No default length is defined and you can customize it for sure. In most cases, breakout leg is 0.5m according to our record. The longest breakout leg could be 3.0m or longer and it depends.

Will A 50m Pre-terminated Cable Be Shipped With Being Pack On A Spool? 

Basically, a piece of cable will be packaged with a spool when its length reaches up to 100m for ordinary structures. There're wooden spools, plastic spools and paper spools for you to choose from. Please contact T&S sales team on your specific cases for more packing details.

What's The Largest Fiber Count Of Pre-terminated Multi-fiber Cable T&s Can Offer?

So far, the largest fiber count of pre-terminated multi-fiber we are offering is 576-fiber. In most cases, fiber count is not the key element for pre-termination if a cable with even more fibers is attainable.

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