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Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Fiber Patch Cord or jumper is a fiber cable that has fiber connectors terminated on one or both ends. General use of these cable assemblies includes the interconnection of fiber cable systems and optics-to-electronic equipment.

As a quality fiber optic patch cord factory, T&S provides types of custom fiber patch cord, including simplex, duplex, single-mode (SM), and multi-mode (MM) fiber patch cords and fiber pigtail assemblies with various types of fiber connectors including ST, FC, SC, LC, MU, MTRJ, E2000 and so on.      

Our fiber optic cable patch cord and pigtail range offer choices of any length, connector types, and either PVC or LSZH cable jacket, and all cable assemblies are composed of our top quality ceramic ferrules and fiber connectors housings which ensures stable performance at a high-quality level. Except for standard Fiber Patchcord, we supply other types of patch cord, including Grade B patchcord, IP68 LC/SC patch cord, LC/SC loopback, outdoor patchcord, etc. for different applications as well.

Fiber Optic Patch Cord Types for Sale

Grade B Patch Cord Connector
  • A random mating of maximum 0.25dB for grade B patch cord. 

  • Grade B is the first top-rank of random mating requirement as IEC-61753-1 defined.

  • Connectors terminated comply to IEC-61754 and geometry superior to IEC-61755, with excellent random mating performance.

Grade B Patch Cord Connector
IP LC/SC Fiber Cable
  • IP patch cord series is well water and dustproof

  • Low insertion loss and high return loss

  • Stable communication connection

IP LC/SC Fiber Cable
LC/SC Loopback
  • LC loopback as an RJ-45 type intreface, high  precision for alignment. 

  • Usually two same connectors assmebled together followed duplex connectors dimension as IEC-61754 series defined.

LC/SC Loopback
Outdoor Fiber Optical Cable Assembly
  • Connector assembled on ADSS, armored

  • OPGW fiber patch cord is compliant to IEC and EIA standard

  • Waterproof and UV resistance

  • More than 100 meters for access

Outdoor Fiber Optical Cable Assembly
Fiber Patchcord & Pigtail
  • Fiber patch cord is low insertion loss and return loss

  • Almost 100% power transmission while mated in communication system

  • High precision based on IEC 61754, EIA/TIA standard compliant 

Fiber Patchcord & Pigtail

Single Mode To Multimode Fiber Patch Cord

Fiber cable patch cords are transmission media, which is generally applied to transmit data via light. For the past few years, it's getting obvious that has become obvious that  fiber optic patch cord is gradually replacing traditional copper wire as a proper means of signal transmission.

Regarding the two fiber patch cord types, Single-mode (SM) fiber patch cord uses 9/125um glass fiber, Multimode (MM) fiber patch cord uses 50/125um or 62.5/125um glass fiber. Single-mode and fiber optic patch cord multimode refer to the fiber cable types. Single-mode Fiber Patch Cord is used in long-distance data transmission and multimode patch cord uses in short-distance transmission. Basically, a single-mode fiber optic patch cord uses yellow fiber cable, while a multimode fiber patch cord uses orange, violet or beige cable.

Patch Cord Length Standard

Fiber patch cords are made of optical fibers with connectors on both ends. The cord allows the wire to be quickly connected to an optical switch, computer equipment or other telecom devices. Fiber optic cable patch cord is also used to connect optical transmitters, receivers, or terminal boxes. Depending on the patch cord types and uses, fiber patch cords are available in lengths ranging from a few centimeters to hundreds of meters to connect stacked accessories. It is advisable to keep your patch cord as short as possible without causing strain on the connector.

FAQs of Standard Fiber Optic Cable Patch Cord

Difference Between Pigtail And Patch Cord

If fiber is terminated with a connector at only one end of a cable, it is known as a fiber pigtail; if fiber are terminated with connectors at both ends, it is known as a patch cord or fiber jumper.

Cable Jacket Material And Cable Diameter

There are various kinds of fiber cable jacket materials (sheath materials) for different environments and applications (harsh environment, ordinary environment, indoors, or outdoors etc.) like, Riser, Plenum, PVC (OFNR, OFNP), LSZH. Typically, fiber cable diameter can be 0.25mm (bare fiber), 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm.

Simplex And Duplex

Simplex means this Fiber Patch Cord is with one cord, at each end there is only one fiber connector. Duplex can be regarded as two Fiber Patch Cord put side by side. Duplex Fiber Patch Cord usually with Clip on the fiber Connector to combine them.

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Applications of Fiber Optic Patch Cord

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