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IP LC/SC Fiber Cable

IP LC/SC Fiber Cable

The IP connector together with supported cable is applied to 4G,5G, Base Station remote radios, and fiber to the antenna transmission. Besides of that, T&S IP patch cord series has outstanding water and dustproof characteristic which is applied to rigorous environment like aerospace, national defence, etc.

Features of IP LC/SC Fiber Cable

  • Senko waterproof connector kits

  • Factory terminated (tested cables) or field-installable version available

  • IP68 water, dustproof and corrosion resistant

  • Plug has tolerance free design, free-floating on Z-axis

  • The material in the jumper cable is all-weather and UV-resistant

  • Mechanical performance: IEC 61754-20, IEC 61754-4 standard

  • RoHS and REACH materials compliant

  • minimum of 500 repetitions insert and extract

  • ODVA Compatible

  • Wide range of operational temperature for outside plant --40°C/70°C

  • Compatible with a wide range of cables, 5-8mm OD cable with two 2.0mm to 3.0mm jacketed subunits\

Applications of IP LC/SC Fiber Cable

  • Multi-purpose Outdoor

  • For connection between distribution box and RRH

  • Deployment in Remote Radio Headcell tower applications

  • Data communication network

  • Optical fiber system access network

  • Fiber Storage Area Network

  • High-density chassis

Standard Compliance of IP LC/SC Fiber Cable

  • IEC 61754 series compliant

  • Qualified to Telcordia GR-326-Core

  • Reach, RoHS and SvHC compliant

Specifications of IP LC/SC Fiber Cable

Product Parameters
Cable Parameters



Low loss



End face

IL (dB)

IL (dB)

IL (dB)

IL (dB)



















Test wavelength: SM@1310/1550nm, MM@850/1300nm.

Cable Count
Out Sheath Diamete(mm)WeightMinimum AllowableMinimum AllowableMinimum BendingStorage

(KG)Tensile StrengthCrush LoadRadiustemperature


Short TermLong TermShort TermLong TermShort TermLong Term
2008/12/247.0±0.34510006003000100020D10D-40 ~~ +70

Cable Structure of IP LC/SC Fiber Cable

Cable Structure

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