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Why is the Threshold of Optical Transceiver/AOC/DAC Technology Low?

Why is the Threshold of Optical Transceiver/AOC/DAC Technology Low?

1. The statement that low technical threshold of optical transceiver/AOC and active optical cable/DAC is not rigorous

Some high-end products can be only produced by a few manufacturers in the world, such as 400G optical transceivers. In addition, for the same product, such as 100G single-mode optical transceivers, when most optical transceiver manufacturers can only achieve 10 kilometers, a few manufacturers can already achieve 40 kilometers. But for the vast majority of mature products, the threshold in this field is indeed too low, which leads to a large number of small workshops, and dozens of people can start an optical transceiver company.

2. Reasons for the low threshold of optical transceiver/AOC/DAC technology

The reason for the low threshold is that the optical transceiver/AOC active optic cable/DAC can basically be regarded as a pure hardware product. Although the driver is also running on the MCU controller, they are relatively simple and standard things (Of course, there are still differences between manufacturers, and many compatibility problems come from this difference).

The core components used in this hardware product are available to everyone, and everyone can easily get the hardware solutions of major manufacturers for reference and imitation, and even some optical transceiver suppliers will directly provide coupled boards to downstream manufacturers. .

This means that for optical transceiver manufacturers, in terms of many mature products, the technical solutions used by everyone are highly similar, and there are not too many thresholds.

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