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Quality Control

Quality Control

We take "毫微必究,点滴皆纳" as the QC working principle, or in English, "Never give in to a little mistake". Since the first day T&S was established, we have made this principle the foundation. At T&S, our quality control encompasses and permeates every aspect, including the plans, processes, resources, delivery, and methods, which enable us to present a well-executed QC result. Based on a quality policy that aims to continuously improve both the performance of the products themselves and the services we provide, we are always able to offer satisfactory quality to our customers and the market.

Advanced Test Equipment and Conditions

To ensure the best quality and highest reliability, T&S has equipped itself with a range of state-of-the-art equipment in a collaborative quality control center that includes several laboratories and a number of mobile QC workstations.

Scientific QC Mechanism

Based on the experience and practice we have gained over the past more than 20 years, we have developed a highly effective and smoothly functioning QC work system adapted to T&S's genes. We constantly update and adapt our QC structure to the latest scientific guidelines and standards to ensure that we are always in line with market requirements.

Serious Attitude and Rigorous Doings

Every employee who works in quality control must complete training and pass a professional skills assessment. Ongoing training lectures help QC employees firmly embed policies and principles in their minds. We take a number of steps to help each of them build a rigorous mindset before QC activities. We've done a lot for quality, and we're doing more because we do care.

In addition, close and friendly relationships with customers allow us to get valuable after-sale feedback that provides another important perspective in evaluating product quality and market response.

We set ourselves a target to satisfy every customer with both our products and services. We firmly adhere to our QC principles and make every effort necessary to achieve this goal.

Quality Control Process

Quality Control And Environmental Laboratory

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