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Quality Control

Quality Control

We take "毫微必究,点滴皆纳" as the QC working principle, or in English: "never give way to any possible tiny errors". We take it the fundamental basis since the very first day when T&S was founded.  At T&S, our quality control stretches and penetrates to every aspect including plans, processes, resources and methods, which empower us to present a well-performed QC outcome. Based on quality policies aiming at a continuous improvement of both performances in products itself and the services we offer, we're always enabled to bring satisfying quality to our customers and the market.

Advanced Test equipment and Environment

To ensure the best quality, the highest reliability, T&S equipped itself with a series of the most advanced equipment in a collaborative quality control center, which includes several labs and a number of mobile QC working stations.

Scientific QC Mechanism

Based on the experience and practice we accumulated over the past 20 years, we have developed a highly effective and running-smooth QC working system accustoms to T&S's genes. We keep upgrading and adjusting our QC structure according to the latest scientific guidelines and related standards, so as to ensure that we're always up with the standard the market requires at the time.

Serious Attitude and Rigorous Doings

Each operator working on QC positions has to finish their training course and pass a professional skill assessment. Constant training lectures help QC employees get guidelines and principles firmly embedded in their minds. We take a series of measures to help each of them build a rigorous mindset before QC doings. We did a lot on quality and we're doing more because we do care.

In addition, close and friendly relations with customers enable us to get more valuable after-sale feedbacks, which offers another crucial perspective in evaluating product quality and market response.

We set ourselves a target to win each customer's satisfaction on both products and services. We firmly adhere to our QC principles and make every effort needed to bring the target out.

Quality Control Process

Quality Control And Environmental Laboratory


  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 45001:2018
  • IECQ QC 080000
  • UL Certificate of Compliance_PLC(1x2)
  • UL Certificate of Compliance_PLC(6x1x2 & 6x2x2)
  • TLC Certificate_FCAPC-FCUPC
  • TLC Certificate_MPOAPC
  • TLC Certificate_MPOAPC-LCUPC
  • TLC Certificate_MPOPC
  • TLC Certificate_PLC(1x32)
  • TLC Certificate_SCAPC-SCUPC
  • Radio and Television Network Access Certification_FBT(1×4)
  • Radio and Television Network Access Certification_FBT(1×8)
  • Radio and Television Network Access Certification_FBT(1×32)
  • Radio and Television Network Access Certification_FC APC
  • Radio and Television Network Access Certification_FC UPC
  • Radio and Television Network Access Certification_LC APC
  • Radio and Television Network Access Certification_LC UPC
  • Radio and Television Network Access Certification_SC APC
  • Radio and Television Network Access Certification_SC UPC
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