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Fiber Stub

Fiber Stub

Fiber Stub is a ceramic (zirconia) capillary assembled with optical fiber. It is the most important component when connecting receptacle Modules such as TOSA and ROSA assemblies. Fiber stubs are fitted into the receptacle modules to achieve a stable connection with the fiber stub and fiber connectors when the two mates in the receptacle.

T&S Communications Fiber Stubs are manufactured with high-quality ceramic ferrules. They usually be polished with PC or APC end-face. Standard diameters are 1.25mm or 2.5 mm, and other sizes may also be available.

T&S Communications provides high quality and reliable fiber stub for TOSA/ROSA Receptacle. We have a proven polishing process using specially designed high precision machines. With an experienced manufacturing process, T&S Communications fiber stub delivers the highest performance and lowest defect rate.

Fiber Stub Diagram

Fiber Stub

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