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If I can not find the product I need and can it still be possibly purchased from T&S?

As a large-scale manufacturer and supplier of fiber optical products, there are a great many products that have not been listed on our website. Please just contact T&S sales team for details. 

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How long does a shipping take?

It depends. There's shipping via express like DHL, FedEx, UPS and shipping by air and sea. Normally, it takes 3 to 10 working days before receiving your parcel if it shipped by express. 

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If I need products urgently, can you arrange expedited delivery?

When an urgent shipment is needed, please contact your sales manager. Generally, we’ll try everything possible to help you get your product as early as possible.

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How can I track my package after it is shipped?

T&S sales assistant will send you tracking numbers right after shipment if your cargo is shipped via expresses.

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How can I request a quote?

Browse the "contact us" column for the sales contacts of your region. Contact him or her for the quote you need. You can also ask for a quote by submitting the form “product inquiry” posted on this website.

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How about payment?

Currently, please using financial institution wire service.

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How can I request a product sample?

Contact T&S sales team for your request. You can always find the contact on “Contact Us”. Also, submit the "Product Inquiry" form posted on this website can also be workable.

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Can I request customized services?

You can customize a product by contacting T&S sales team. They will do their best to meet their needs.

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