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PLC Splitter

Fiber Optical PLC Splitter

With more than 20 years of experience, T&S always provides high-quality fiber optical splitters that meet your needs and promote efficient, cost-effective network expansion.  Whichever splitter type you choose, you can trust its ability to function at a high level. We lab test our products and use a strict quality system which is more stringent than peers’ standard to ensure they work properly. Our optical splitters meet Telcordia GR-1221, Telcordia GR-1209 and G.657A1 industry specifications.  All splitters T&S offers can come pre-terminated, making for easy plug-and-play installations. They’re ideal for a variety of applications including FTTX Deployments, PON networks, CATV links and so on.

PLC Splitter

Planar Lightwave Circuits split optical power evenly over the entire single-mode operating window (1260-1650 nm). Split counts are available from 1x2 up to 2x64 and input/output fibers can be supplied with or without connectors. T & S produces PLC wafer and chip on its own and manufactures PLC splitter with self-developed PLC aligning system for automatic alignment. T&S offers premium PLC splitters of various packaging types including bare fiber type, mini type, ABS box type, cassette type, tray type and rack-mounted type. T&S’ PLC Splitter features guaranteed performances and high reliability that surpass Telcordia requirements and are tailored for different applications and markets. If you don't see what you're looking for in our current lineup, T&S can create custom splitters with our design and engineering capabilities.  

FBT Coupler

FBT couplers split or couple optical power in two wavelength regions while maintaining a very broad operating bandwidth. Splitting and coupling ratios are available from 1:99 to 50:50. FBT Couplers are widely considered one of the most cost-effective solutions to optical power management. Based on T&S' fused biconical technology, FBT coupler is an all-fiber device, and is designed and manufactured to meet Telcordia® requirements.
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