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Fiber Optical Splitter

Since 2005, T & S coupler and PLC splitter have been put into production, and production capacity and business volume have been growing. T&S PLC splitter and coupler have been tested by the market and users for long. T & S today is the most mature PLC splitter and FBT coupler manufacturer in China. High quality distinguish us from ordinary producers, which enables T&S always provide customers with high quality products and services.

PLC Splitter

As a professional plc splitter manufacturer, T & S Communication produces a planar optical waveguide chip on its own and manufactures PLC splitter with self-developed PLC aligning equipment for automatic coupling. T&S PLC splitter has a good consistency and stable quality. T&S has built 10000-class and 1000-class dust-free workshops, and there are 32 sets of automatic alignment systems. T&S plc splitter factory offers premium PLC splitters of various packaging types including bare fiber type, mini type, box type, cassette type, tray type and rack-mounted type PLC splitter are available. The current monthly production capacity is 200000 PCs (1x8).

FBT Coupler

T&S Communication coupler manufacturer provides a wide breadth of FBT couplers, which includes SM standard coupler, dual-window coupler, three-window coupler, wideband coupler with low insertion loss and high performances. The FBT couplers are available with a coupling ration ranging from 1:99 to 50:50. Customized specifications are basically available. 

FBT Coupler is a type of splitter which is based on fused biconical taper technology. The technology is widely accepted and adopted in the PON solution. FBT or fused biconical taper is a traditional technology that two fibers are twisted and fused together under high temperature while the device is being elongated and tapered. As a professional coupler factory, T&S provides various kinds of high-quality FBT couplers.

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