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PLC Splitter

Fiber Optical Splitter

Since 2005, T & S coupler and PLC splitter have been put into production, and production capacity and business volume have been growing. T&S PLC splitter and coupler have been tested by the market and users for long. T & S today is the most mature PLC splitter and FBT coupler manufacturer in China. High quality distinguish us from ordinary producers, which enables T&S always provide customers with high quality products and services.

PLC Splitter

PLC splitter couples the input and output multi-channel fiber arrays at both ends of the optical waveguide chip and encapsulates them. It has the advantages of uniform light distribution, small volume...

FBT Coupler

FBT Coupler is designed for power splitting and tapping telecommunication equipment, CATV networks, and test equipment. FBT coupler works individually or it can be integrated into modules for MUX/DMUX...
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