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LC Duplex Fiber Optic Connectors for High Density Environments

LC Duplex Fiber Optic Connectors for High Density Environments

1. LC dual-core fiber optic connectors are widely used

Because of its small size, LC connectors are widely used in optical communication networks, data networks and cable TV networks, and are the mainstream products in optical fiber connectors.

In the daily application environment, considering the saving of wiring space, the application of LC duplex connectors is often more common. The LC dual-core fiber optic connector is composed of two single-core connectors combined by a double clip. Compared with the single-core connector, the installation steps are reduced, which saves time and cost.

2. Advantages of LC duplex fiber optic connectors

LC duplex fiber optic connectors are superior to traditional duplex connectors, and innovatively provide a quick unlocking solution. Compared with the traditional single-joint connector, the double-joint connector can be unlocked by only one pressing.

The design of the two-core connector has two advantages, one is a long handle, and the other is a low handle. The unique design of the long handle is to increase the unlocking range that can be touched by the operator's hand in a high-density wiring environment, which can be easily and quickly unlocked, easy to plug and unplug, and more convenient. A low handle is one where the overall height of the handle does not exceed the height of the compact adapter.

The handle part of the ordinary two-core fiber optic connectors will be slightly higher than the adapter, so that it will take up more space during the wiring installation process. The low handle design of the LC duplex fiber optic connector can save more space. In the high-density environment of the data center, it is a great advantage to combine the space saved by multiple connectors.

Another important advantage is the switchable polarity function. In optical signal transmission, the transmission signal of the optical cable is divided into the receiving end and the transmitting end. The transmission signal (Tx) of the optical fiber link at one end of the optical cable must be matched with the corresponding receiver (Rx) at the other end. This matching is called polarity.

Conventional LC fiber jumpers have great limitations in order to achieve polarity conversion. Special attention should be paid to the direction of polarity conversion to avoid failed terminations, and there is a possibility that the jumper needs to be replaced and re-wiring. The reversible polarity feature makes this operation even easier, and the polarity reversal can be easily accomplished without any tools, saving a lot of time and wiring costs.

With the rapid application of 5G, how to provide a high-density, low-cost, easy-to-manage, and high-reliability network cabling system for data centers has become an increasingly important requirement. The LC duplex fiber optic connector is a high-reliability, low-cost, high-density wiring solution.

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