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Analysis of key technologies of fiber optic connectors

Analysis of key technologies of fiber optic connectors

The fiber optic connector is to realize the accurate transmission of optical signals to achieve the purpose of communication. fiber optic connectors have strict requirements on processing and assembly, especially multi-core fiber optic connectors have strict requirements on size and dimensional tolerances. Therefore, in order to ensure good transmission performance, optical fiber products have the following key technologies in the design and manufacture.

1. Precision control technology of zirconia ceramic needles for fiber optic connectors

The ceramic pin is the key component of the fiber optic connector, and its dimensional accuracy directly affects the transmission performance of the fiber optic connector. The blank forming and sintering technology is the key technology of ceramic pin production. The pin accuracy needs to reach the micron level.

2. Quality control technology of optical fiber end face of fiber optic connector

The main factors that affect the insertion loss are the gap and eccentricity between the contact pin and the hole. The end face of the optical fiber is precisely ground and polished to obtain a higher end face quality, so that the contact surface forms a PC, APC, UPC type contact, which greatly increase the contact accuracy and on the other hand reduce the Fresnel reflection during contact, and obtain good and stable optical performance.

3. Design and assembly of optical fiber contacts of fiber optic connectors

The difficulty of contact design and assembly is to ensure the appearance, size, closing strength of the parts and the elastic connection of the pin fiber centering at the same time. The coaxiality, roundness, position and other dimensional tolerances of the key components in the alignment structure and the dimensional tolerances such as outer circle, inner hole, and pin length need to be strictly calculated and adjusted to ensure the dimensional accuracy, so as to ensure The fiber optic connector has reliable performance.

4. The mechanical properties and environmental adaptability technology of fiber optic connectors

Due to different places where fiber optic connectors are used, their mechanical properties and environmental resistance are key technologies that affect optical fiber communications.

For example: vibration resistance: additional attenuation caused by optical fiber vibration; temperature resistance: the breathing effect caused by the temperature performance mismatch between the ceramic, optical fiber, shell, and adhesive in the connector, resulting in increased connection loss. Others such as: salt spray resistance; watertight resistance; radiation resistance and so on.

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