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Company Culture

Company Culture


Values determine our actions. T&S attaches great importance to a sustainable corporate culture, which is determined by values. These values act as the basic principles and guidelines for all our actions. At T&S, employees take the values as a common basis, which serves the development of collaboration between employees, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.

A team of one mind will win. We succeed together through teamwork; we value inclusivity and diverse opinions; and we refuse silent disagreements. T&S represents respectful cooperation and the tolerance of different opinions. Cooperation instead of confrontation and sharing instead of monopoly are the valuable basis of our daily work, which helps strengthen personal responsibility and a sense of equity and fairness among the employees.

We invest in talent. We attract talents and pay for excellent performances. Premium human resources and encouraging performance are the most valuable assets we value for future competition in the long run. We value the unique ability of each individual to contribute, and we intend that all employees shall have the opportunity to participate fully, to grow professionally, and to develop to their highest potential.

The phrase ”上下同欲者胜” (A team of one mind will win in English) comes from the third chapter of Sun Tzu's Art of War, the earliest surviving military book in China: “Attack and Strategy”.

Mission and Vision

We believe optical communications will remain a strategic element of human life for generations. We are committed to being an important participant in the fiber optical communication community, and we aim to be a respectable, valuable, and globally influential fiber optic component manufacturer. We have our mission to develop and manufacture increasingly better products for customers in a way that is conducive to social development and to make our own contribution to creating a cleaner, smarter, more closely connected world for the coming future.

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