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What Is the Relationship Between 5G and Fiber Optics?

What Is the Relationship Between 5G and Fiber Optics?

1. The relationship between 5G and fiber optics


Fiber optics (transmission medium) is the foundation of 5G. The development of 5G has put forward new requirements for fiber optics infrastructure; that is, high carrying capacity and high connection density of fiber optics are required. The competition of 5G is evolving into the competition of fiber optics infrastructure.


The peak rate of 5G users is 10-20 times that of 4G, up to 20Gbps and the 5G fronthaul rate is dozens of times that of 4G. Besides, the peak rate of low-frequency stations (100M, 64T/64R) is 3×25Gbps, and the peak rate of high-frequency stations (800M, 2T2R) is 3×25Gbps.


The peak capacity of a 5G's single station is dozens of times that of 4G. The peak capacity of a low-frequency single station is 5Gbps, and the peak capacity of a high-frequency single station is 15Gbps.


The above-mentioned huge traffic will be transmitted to the data center through the metropolitan area network and the regional network. In addition, the capacity of the metropolitan area network will reach the order of 10T, approaching the fixed network.

2. The role of 5G fiber optic


The role of the 5G fiber optic network will not only be limited to capacity, connection density, and delay but also change the relationship between wireless network and fiber optic network. The relationship between the two is getting closer and will gradually merge into a unified end-to-end network.


In addition to connections, significant changes will occur to its network architecture, function distribution, topology, equipment form, and even transmission media. Therefore, the 5G competition is evolving into a competition for fiber optics infrastructure.

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