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How to Distinguish MTP and MPO Fiber Jumpers?

How to Distinguish MTP and MPO Fiber Jumpers?

MTP and MPO fiber jumpers have connectors at both ends and are ideal for high-density cabling systems and cable management cabling that require space savings. The difference between fiber jumper MTP and MPO is their connector, which will be instroduced with more details.
Although MTP fiber jumpers can directly interconnect with MPO fiber jumper based cabling systems, MTP and MPO fiber jumpers differ in connector type, ferrule, guide pin, detachable housing and performance.

1. Connector type of MTP and MPO

An MPO connector is a connector with at least 8 fibers designed to provide multiple fibers in one connector. It complies with IEC 61754-7 and TIA-604-5 standards in the United States and is ideal for high bandwidth and high-density cabling system connections.

MTP connector, manufactured by USConec is an improved version of the MPO connector, so that the MTP connector is fully compatible with a general-purpose MPO connector and can be directly interlinked with a cabling system based on the MPO fiber jumper. However, compared to the ordinary MPO fiber jumper connector, the connector of MTP fiber jumper can improve the optical and mechanical performance.

2. MTP and MPO latch clip

MTP fiber jumper connectors are usually equipped with metal latch clips that better fasten the pins to minimize accidental breakage during use, while MPO fiber jumper connectors are equipped with plastic latch clips that may cause the pins to break during use.

3. MTP and MPO ferrule

MTP fiber jumper connectors have ferrules for improved mechanical properties. In other words, the floating ferrules of the MTP fiber jumper connector can float internally to maintain a stable connection even when a load is applied. However, the MPO fiber jumper connector does not have a floating ferrule.

4. MTP and MPO guide pin

When two MT ferrule are used together, the guide pin is essential for accurate alignment. MTP and MPO fiber jumper connectors also use different guide pins. MTP fiber jumper connectors use the tightly secured stainless steel circular guide pins to reduce debris on the guide hole and ferrule ends. MPO fiber jumper connectors have cylindrical guide pins, which may produce debris during use.

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