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The Key Role of PLC Splitter in Optical Fiber Communication

The Key Role of PLC Splitter in Optical Fiber Communication

A PLC splitter is a key device in a fiber optic communication system. It can distribute incident light to multiple output ports or combine light from multiple input ports into a single output port. In fiber optic networks, PLC splitter plays a vital role in achieving signal distribution and aggregation. It can realize the separation and merging of optical signals and plays a vital role in the distribution and convergence of signals.

Basic Functions

PLC splitters are passive optical devices based on silicon-based planar optical waveguide technology. Its main function is to distribute a beam of optical signals to multiple output ports in a specific ratio, or to synthesize optical signals from multiple input ports into a single output beam. This function makes PLC splitter play a key role of optical signal distribution and convergence in fiber optic communication system.

Principle of Operation

The working principle of PLC splitter is mainly based on the refraction and reflection of light. When an optical signal enters a PLC splitter through an input port, it undergoes a series of refractions and reflections and is finally distributed to each output port. Because PLC splitter adopts planar optical waveguide technology, it is compact, highly stable, and capable of high-precision optical signal distribution.

Central Role in Fiber Optic Communication

In fiber optic communication systems, the PLC splitter is mainly used to distribute and merge optical signals. Specifically, it can split the optical signals from the light source into multiple paths and transmit them to different receivers. At the same time, it can also merge the optical signals from multiple transmitters into one path and transmit them to the same receiver. This distribution and merging function enables the fiber optic communication system to support more users and more complex network structures.

Technical Advantages

  • High reliability: The PLC splitter is passive and does not require a power supply to drive it, making it highly reliable.

  • Low loss: PLC splitter's optical path is reasonably designed, and the optical signal has less loss during transmission, which ensures the transmission quality of the optical signal.

  • Good stability: PLC splitter is insensitive to changes in environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, etc., so it has good stability.

With the continuous development of fiber optic communication technology, PLC splitter will be applied in more fields and make greater contribution to the development of modern communication technology. T&S is one of the leading PLC splitter manufacturers in China, specializing in developing, manufacturing, marketing an extensive range of fiber optical connectivity products. If you are interested, please contact us.

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