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Classification and Typical Application of Fiber Optic Connectors

Classification and Typical Application of Fiber Optic Connectors

Optical communication transmission technology is widely concerned because of its excellent transmission characteristics, such as large communication capacity, high fidelity, strong anti-interference ability, rich sources of raw materials and so on. In the 1970s, as an excellent optical transmission medium, optical fiber began to be truly applied and popularized. As a transmission medium, optical fiber will inevitably produce various connections when it reaches the terminal. The research, development and application of fiber optic connector came into being to ensure the reliable connection between optical fibers.

I. Classification of fiber optic connectors

Generally, fiber optic connectors can be divided into movable fiber optic connectors, reinforced fiber optic connectors and hybrid connectors.

1. Movable fiber optic connector

It refers to the connection action with passive or active devices. It is a kind of fiber optic connector with repeatable connection, that is, fiber optic connector in the conventional sense. It is generally used for temporary connection of optical fiber devices, such as LC, FC, SC, St, etc.

2. Reinforced fiber optic connector

According to the working principle of ordinary fiber optic connector and the actual use environment of optical fiber connection, the reinforcement design method is adopted to solve the problems of environmental resistance, waterproof and sealing of fiber optic connector.

3. Hybrid fiber optic connector

It is a component that integrates optical signal, electrical signal and RF signal into a connector for detachable connection according to the needs of practical application. The hybrid connector can integrate two or more signal connections as required. At present, the common ones are: photoelectric hybrid connector, photoelectric RF hybrid connector, etc.

II. Typical applications of fiber optic connectors

Optical fiber communication is widely used in military and civil fields because of its advantages of large communication capacity, high fidelity, strong anti-interference ability, small volume, light weight and low cost.

The development of optical fiber communication technology and information technology complement each other. With the rapid development of optical fiber communication in military and civil fields, it is believed that the application field and industrial scale of optical communication technology will continue to expand in the future.

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