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The Features of SC Quick Connector

The Features of SC Quick Connector

In fiber optic cabling, field connector components are required in some cases. Typical examples are point-to-point installation, field installation, or maintenance. Field Mount Connector (FAOC) also known as fast/quick connector, is an embedded fiber optic connector that can be installed and connected in the field. Fiber optic quick connectors are widely used where fast connections are required, providing fast assembly and stable performance. The construction tools are simple and convenient without power supply and easy to operate, which greatly improves the construction efficiency and reduces the labor cost of FTTH.

The SC fast connector is a common type of field assembly connector for FTTX routing networks. What are the features of the SC fast connector?

Ⅰ. Fiber optic quick connectors can be installed on-site with flexible wiring

The optical fiber wiring project of the FTTX user terminal is many and scattered, and the site construction environment is complex and diverse. Fast and reliable optical fiber termination is needed to ensure the low cost and high efficiency of optical fiber network construction.

SC fast connector adds flexibility to FTTH network optical wiring design. Optical fiber termination can be carried out quickly and easily on site, and the simple assembly process facilitates assembly and flexible wiring. Fiber quick connectors have been widely used in optical pdistribution cabinets, optical testers and optical transmission networks.

Ⅱ. High performance and high reliability of fiber optic quick connectors

Fiber quick connector is embedded with single-mode optical fiber, and the connector ends are pre-polished in the factory. Do not need to grind and glue in the construction site to ensure the connector end quality and good reflection performance.

FAOC uses sophisticated and high-quality ceramic inserts to provide a highly reliable connection in most networking applications.

Ⅲ. Easy installation of fiber optic quick connectors

SC quick connector is the field assembly type fiber connector. Only need to use simple connecting tools to realize the direct end of household optical cable without glue injection, grinding, welding process. It is easy to use and of simple operation.

The SC fiber quick connector allows simple fiber connections without the need for any additional tools. Fiber quick connectors are widely used in all fiber optic interconnections, such as telecom distribution, FTTH and FTTX, passive optical networks [ATM, WDM, Ethernet], broadband, cable TV (CATV), etc. T&S offers high-reliability SC fast connectors available in 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm single-mode and multi-mode fiber types.

As a fiber optical accessories supplier, T&S communication today takes a leading role in OEM and ODM service for optical fiber termination solutions. Based on T&S Communications’s excellent comprehensive capabilities, we are dedicated to bringing fiber optical components with superior performance to the next-generation communications in a green,pragmatic and cost-effective manner. Please feel free to contact us if you have any interest in related products.

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