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5G Communications

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5G Communications

Wireless operators are being challenged as never before to increase capacity and improve network performance to keep ahead of the race on the 5G deployment track which stretches forward fast with no stop at all. As an active participant of the field, T&S knows there’s no single approach to 5G and no 5G solution that can be accomplished at one stroke.


Role Of Optical Fiber In 5G

Booming Era of 5G and Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics and 5G development is seeing a booming era basically, 5G will use a flexible spectrum framework, with largescale, small-cell deployment and high-frequency utilization in the millimeter band to operate in licensed or unlicensed spectrum bands with shared spectrum resources. One major change in Fiber Optics and 5G is that it will be built on cloud radio access network (or C-RAN) architecture.

Forward Looking Planning in 5G Fiber Optic

Based on the understandings, T&S has, several years ago, adjusted our strategy in developing or upgrading products so as to get them accustomed to the needs and demands in a 5G era.

Active Participation in 5G Optical Fiber

Obviously, Fiber Optics and 5G will be a fundamental basis and carrier of great many emerging new technologies and applications. There is great space for a Fiber Optics and 5G participant like T&S to do some. Over the past few years, we developed, upgraded or reformed products of both passive and active categories and more according to C-RAN front-haul structure, and actively took part in Fiber Optics and 5G pilot projects across China.

Let' s Work Together for 5G Fibre Optic

T&S as a leading developer and manufacturer of fiber optical communication components can help you prepare for the changes that the Fiber Optics and 5G will bring to your organization, and we're aiming to help you make your Fiber Optics and 5G faster and smarter.

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