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Company Profile

T&S, headquartered in Shenzhen, is one of China's leading fiber optic termination product manufacturers and solution providers. We're dedicated to developing and manufacturing fiber optic communications products ranging from passive to active categories for telecom networks, enterprise networks, data centers, and IoTs.

In 1992, a Sino-Japanese joint venture, HNK, T&S's predecessor, was established in Shenzhen by president Jimmy Chuang and Japanese partners, specializing in producing ceramic ferrules. After T&S was founded in 2000, the product lines have been extended gradually along with T&S' rapid development over the years. In 2016, T&S went public on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. (Stock Code: 300570)

Our fiber optic communication products mainly include: fiber optic patchcords, MPO/MTP cable assemblies, WDM, FBT coupler, PLC splitter, ceramic ferrulesMT ferrules, PLC chip & wafer, fiber optic transceiver, Active Optical Cable (AOC), Direct Attach Cable (DAC), and integrated functional modules such as the LGX boxes, module cassettes, patch panels, and fiber optic enclosures. In addition, we have a variety of FBG sensors and interrogators developed for physical quantity measurement in industrial, military, traffic, and infrastructure construction scenarios.

By leveraging our extensive experience and excellent production capacity we gained over the years, we magnify the outcome for our valuable customers, which ultimately expands their core competencies and helps them outperform competitors. We place emphasis on customer collaboration, and we define ourselves as your valuable partner in fiber optic connection solutions. We believe our differentiators are your perceived advantages.

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