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Company Profile

T&S Communications, established in 2000 and located in Shenzhen, is one of the leading optical communication products manufacturers in China, specializing in developing, manufacturing, marketing an extensive range of optical communications products from passive to active categories for optical communications networks and data centers especially. T&S Communication went public at Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2016. (Stock Code:300570)

Our optical communications products include high-density pre-terminated cable assemblies, connectivity accessories,WDM, FBT coupler, PLC splitter, ceramic ferrules, MT ferrules, PLC splitter chip & wafer, high-speed fiber optical transceiver, Active Optical Cable(AOC), and integrated functional modules like LGX box, fiber optical enclosure and accessories.

In 1992, a Sino-Japanese joint venture HNK, T&S’s predecessor, was established in Shenzhen by president Jimmy Chuang and Japanese partners, specializing in producing ceramic ferrule. After T&S was established in 2000, production lines were expanded gradually to an extensive range. T&S products today stretch to at least four major categories:5G network,Data Center,Telecom & FTTx network and Internet of Things, covering an extensive span from the upper stream to downstream. T&S Communication today takes a leading role in OEM and ODM service for optical fiber termination solutions. Based on T&S Communications’ excellent comprehensive capabilities, we are dedicated to bringing fiber optical components with superior performance to next-generation communications in a green and pragmatic, and cost-effective manner. As the biggest sales revenue donor, the T&S cable assembly section is one of the biggest production forces in this field across China or even around the world. The active component is another potential strength with great momentum based on advanced the LightScale2 platform.

T&S Communications owns a group of excellent engineers and technicians working on automation by upgrading and developing equipment used in production, among which the most majority of core equipment was developed by our own, aiming at improving the automatic level and making production even smarter, more accurate and efficient all along the way we develop.

T&S Communications commits to present clients with cost-effective solutions and products with excellent performance. We're currently providing a comprehensive selection of fiber optic connectivity products and FBG sensing products to clients from over 50 countries and regions. T&S Communications, together with clients, is working to deliver products to the best possible extent to customers in an efficient, effective, and green manner.

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