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Fiber Optical Sensing

Fiber Optic Sensing

T&S is proud of its rich tradition of working in close cooperation with customers to develop the products that meet and exceed our clients' needs for sensing, measurement, monitoring, and control solutions. This heritage stems from a series of in-house technology innovations.

We are not only Fiber Bragg Grating manufacturer. Based on FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating) technology and profound know-how over the past two decades, we ensure precise real-time sensing, measurement and optimal performance over strain, temperature, displacement, vibration and pressure, etc. Our range of fiber optic sensing platforms fit a variety of applications across industries. We not only offer the best fiber Bragg grating price but the most competitive fiber optical sensing products and solutions for your projects.
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Sensing FBG / FBG Array

Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) is a diffraction grating formed by periodically modulating the refractive index of the fiber core. It is a passive filter element, and has been widely used in the production of fiber lasers, fiber optic communications and sensing. At T&S, we have FBG wavelength locker, chirped FBG, sensing FBG and sensing FBG array at sale.
FBG Array is a optical passive component. Multiple FBGs are inscribed on the same fiber FBG array, which is suitable for long-distance and multi-point simultaneous testing. FBG array can improve the stability and reliability of the system, widely used in fiber optic sensing systems. Sensor packaged with FBG array is smaller in size and has more measurement points, and it is widely used in the measurement of electric power and aviation applications.

FBG Sensors

FBG sensor based on fiber Bragg grating technology has special advantages. The most important thing is that the sensing signal is wavelength modulated and has strong multiplexing ability. Measurement signal is not affected by fiber bending loss, link loss, light source fluctuation and the influence of factors such as the aging of the detector. Moreover, optical fiber sensors present undeniable advantages such as high fatigue limits, multiplexing and immunity to electromagnetic interferences. When multiple sensing FBGs are connected on a single fiber and the sensors are embedded to the structure, several parameters can be monitored at the same, hence realized a quasi-distributed sensing system.
T&S’ FBG Sensors have been widely used in spacecraft and ship, civil engineering structures, power industry, petrochemical Industry, medical and chemical sensing, and telecommunication engineering etc. With our variety of high quality FBG sensors you are able to measure an array of parame

FBG ID Reflector

FBG sensors are easy to install, electromagnetically safe and can also be used in highly explosive atmospheres, but having the right interrogator in place is also important to retrieve the most accurate measurements.
FBG Interrogators are high-precision measuring instruments for signal obtaining and processing from FBG sensors under operating conditions. Suitable for large scale sensing networks, T&S’ FBG interrogators (TS-WI) controls up to 24 channels (4 channels on TS-WI-HS) and provide precise and high resolution measurements through reliable software interfaces and remotely read all connected sensors in real time.

FBG Interrogator

An optical interrogator, also known as measurement unit or data acquisition system, is an optoelectronic instrument, which allows the reading of fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors in static and dynamic monitoring applications. T&S FBG interrogator can measure a large sensing network composed by various types of sensors (such as strain, temperature, displacement, acceleration and so on) connected along multiple fibers, by acquiring data simultaneously and at different sampling rates. Whether your application requires static or dynamic real-time acquisition or periodic monitoring, T&S always offers right system for your projects. The robust and powerful interrogators provide fast and highly accurate measurements from multiple FBG sensors in the network.
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