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Fiber Bragg Grating Sensing

Fiber Bragg Grating

As the "Optical Fiber Sensing Engineering Technology R&D Center of Guangdong Province ", T&S fiber Bragg grating manufacturer takes the frontier application and development of fiber Bragg grating technology as the main research direction and introduces the most practical and creative products to the market at the best fiber Bragg grating price.
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FBG Sensors

Being a fiber optic sensor, a FBG sensor has all the advantages usually attributed to these devices, such as low loss relative to the fiber length, immunity to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, small size and weight, intrinsically safe operation in environments characterized by hazardous materials, high sensitivity and long-term reliability.

FBG ID Reflector

FBG ID reflector independently developed and patented by T&S has built-in fiber Bragg grating, and has the shape of SC / LC attenuator, which is convenient for fiber docking. FBG ID reflector is installed at the end of the optical fiber near the ONU. Through OTDR detection of its reflected signal, the fiber breakage, abnormal loss and fault location can be accurately grasped, and the fault location can be spotted quickly.

Fiber Bragg Grating Technology

Fiber Bragg gratings are made by laterally exposing the core of single-mode fiber to a periodic, intense laser mode. Exposure causes the refractive index to permanently increase in the core of the fiber, generating a fixed exponential modulation according to the exposure mode. This fixed exponential modulation is called grating. FBG is a technology basis, on which T&S Communications developed a series of sensors for optical sensing and ID reflectors for fiber trouble shooting, among which, sensors mainly include a temperature sensor, vibration sensor, FBG strain sensor and pressure sensor.

During each periodic change in refraction, a small amount of light is reflected. When the grating is periodic, all the reflected light signals form a large reflection at a particular wavelength. This is called the Bragg condition, and the wavelength at which this reflection occurs is called the Bragg wavelength. The length of the phase mismatch is essentially transparent except for the Bragg wavelength of the optical signal at the wavelength.

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