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Fiber Optical Connectivity

Fiber Optical Connectivity

Except traditional connector assembly like LC, SC, MU, FC, ST, E2000, etc., we always cooperate with well-known connectivity suppliers for new connector assembly technology enhancement, for example, CS, SN, MDC connector for new applications.

Standard Patch Cord

Fiber Patch Cord or jumper is a fiber cable that has fiber connectors terminated on one or both ends. General use of these cable assemblies includes the interconnection of fiber cable systems and optics-to-electronic equipment.

As a quality fiber optic patch cord factory, T&S provides types of custom simplex, duplex, single-mode (SM), and multi-mode (MM) fiber patch cords and fiber pigtail assemblies with various types of fiber connectors including ST, FC, SC, LC, MU, MTRJ, E2000 and so on.      

Our fiber optic cable patch cord and pigtail range offer choices of any length, connector types, and either PVC or LSZH cable jacket, and all cable assemblies are composed of our top quality ceramic ferrules and fiber connectors housings which ensures stable performance at a high-quality level. Except for standard Fiber Patchcord, we supply other types of Patch cord, including Grade B patch cord, IP68 LC/SC patch cord, LC/SC loopback, outdoor Patchcord, etc. for different applications as well.

Pre-terminated Multifiber Cable

Pre-terminated multi-fiber cables consist of optical fiber cable terminated with various types of connectors, such as the ST, FC, SC, LC, MU, MTRJ, E2000 Connector types. Our polishing craft and expertise ensure excellent optical performance.

As a professional pre-terminated cable manufacturer, T&S produces multifiber cable assemblies that are composed of top-quality ceramic ferrules and fiber connector housings. All of our multifiber cables are ensured with a stable performance at a high-quality level.

MTP/MPO Cable Assembly

MTP/MPO cable assembly use MPO or MTP China multi-fiber connectors. MTP/MPO Fiber Patch Cord greatly saves space and is very convenient to use. Based on single ferrule MT technology, the MPO Fiber Patch Cord assemblies provide up to 72 fiber connections in a single point, reducing the physical space and labor requirement, while providing the same bandwidth capacity of a multi-fiber cable with individual fiber connector terminations per cable.

Typically with MT series like MTP/MPO fiber connectors, these MTP/MPO Patch Cord features multi-fiber connections in the same single-core fiber optic patch cord. Except for Standard MTP/MPO cable assemblies including MTP/MPO harness cable, shuffle cable, hydra cable and trunk cable, we also provide other types like IP68 MTP/MPO fiber cable, MTP/MPO loopback adapter and so on for different applications. 

Fiber Optical Adapter

The optical fiber adapter connects the connectors at both ends through its internal ceramic sleeve, so as to ensure excellent connection performance between the optical fibers. In order to be fixed on various panels, the shape design can be various types based on the actual application of a variety of structures, such as “with flange/without flange“, simplex/duplex/quad/etc.

Fiber Optical Connector

The optical fiber communication connector is composed of ceramic ferrule and connector kits. different types of connector kits and ferrules are pre-assembled according to different connector types. During patchcord production, optical fiber patchcord or pigtails can be quickly produced with optical cable, and to a certain extent, the production processes of optical fiber cables is less and the efficiency is therefore improved.

Fiber Optical Attenuator

Optical fiber communication attenuator is composed of attenuation optical fiber,  attenuator kits, connector kits and cables, Attenuator is used to attenuate input power on optical path to avoid signal distortion at optical receiving end due to excessive input optical power; or used for debugging optical power performance in optical communication system, calibration and correction of optical fiber instrument, and attenuation of optical fiber signal. The products are made of attenuation optical fiber doped with metal ions, and they are able to  adjust the optical power to the required level.

Fiber Optical Master Cord

Fiber optical master cord and bus cord are produced by standard ferrule with high-standard connector kits via special production process. According to different application requirements, the master cord can be generally divided into two grades: bus cord and master card. The product has characteristics like low loss, good consistency, and good interchangeability, which can minimize the impact of the test system on the test results. It is widely used in product testing, instrument calibrations. Produced by T&S, a professional supplier of fiber optic connectivity products, our master cords can be applied to various occasions. 

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