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Fiber Optical Adapter

Fiber Optic Adapter

The optical fiber adapter connects the connectors at both ends through its internal ceramic sleeve, so as to ensure excellent connection performance between the optical fibers. In order to be fixed on various panels, the shape design can be various types based on the actual application of a variety of structures, such as “with flange/without flange“, simplex/duplex/quad/etc.

FAQs of Fiber Optical Adapter
What does ''SC footprint'' mean ?

"SC Footprint" means the duplex LC optical adapters has exactly the same footprint as a standard SC adapter. In other words, an "SC footprint" type LC adapter can be replaced by a standard SC adapter on a panel, the space and footprint size are exactly the same for the two.

What's The Difference Between Single-mode And Multimode Adapters? 

There is no difference in application between the single-mode and multimode adapters. The two are usually different in color so that the SM/MM can be distinguished when cabling on site.

Can SM Adapters Be Used With Multimode Cables?

In terms of optical communication function, for sure they can be used with multimode cables. SM adapters and MM adapters differ from each other in colors only. Color is just a mark, matching the mode of the patch cords an adapter connects.

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