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FBG Temperature Sensor (T14)

FBG Temperature Sensor

Encapsulated with foreign imported packaging materials, T14 FBG temperature sensor takes fiber Bragg grating string as the temperature sensing unit, which is featured by excellent performance in high voltage resistance, breakdown resistance, creepage resistance and its good temperature characteristics. T14 is therefore perfectly suitable for internal temperature monitoring of UHV oil immersed transformer.

Features of FBG Temperature Sensor

  • High reliability

  • High safety

  • Does not change the transformer electric field distribution

  • Does not affect the transformer insulation strength

FBG temperature sensor application

Compared with the conventional electrical systems, fiber Bragg Grating temperature sensors have more strengths in its application, especially in those tough environments and those need long-term deployments. For example, FBG temperature sensors are not sensitive to the changeable environments, besides, they have high precision, high resolution and are immune to the common electrical ones.

In addition, one of the biggest strengths of the sensor is that the measurement of fiber optic temperature is absolute with the fastest response. The highest return speed is perfect in the cases where temperature changes are fast and extreme.

for any difficult-to-reach positions and massive sensing networks, FBG temperature sensor is always a perfect solution.

Applications of FBG Temperature Sensor

  • Oil-immersed transformer hot spot temperature monitoring

  • Oil-immersed reactor hot spot temperature monitoring

Specifications of FBG Pressure Sensor

Technical Specification




Temperature Range



Temperature Accuracy



Measuring Resolution



Central Wavelength






Connector Type


FC/APC or customized

Cable Jacket


Ø3mm spiral tube

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