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TFF CWDM 3 Ports Device

TFF CWDM 3 Ports Device

T&S CWDM 3 Ports Device meets the ITUT-G.694.2 CWDM wavelength standard. It has low insertion loss, low polarization-dependent loss, high isolation, and stable wavelength thermal stability.

Features of TFF CWDM 3 Ports Device

  • Automatic Optical alignment

  • Optical path epoxy free

  • Low insert loss & high isolation

  • Telcordia-GR-1221-Core qualified

  • RoHS compliant

Applications of TFF CWDM 3 Ports Device

  • PON system

  • FTTx network

  • CWDM system

  • Add/drop channel

Specifications of TFF CWDM 3 Ports Device


Channel Center Wavelengthnm1270,1290...1610 or 1271,1291...1611
Channel Spacingnm20
Bandwidth@-0.5dBnm≥13 (λc±6.5nm)
Port of Tran smission (Port1=>Port2)Transmission Insertion LossdB≤0.6(Typical 0.4)
Adjacent Channel IsolationdB>30
Non-Adjacent Channel IsolationdB>45
Pass Band RippledB0.3
Port of Reflecti on (Port1=>Port3)Reflection Insertion LossdB0.5 (Typical 0.3)

Isolation of Reflection

@Pass Band

Insertion Loss Temperature StabilitydB/°C0.005
Wavelength Temperature Stabilitynm/°C0.003
Return LossdB45
Polarization Mode DispersionPs0.10
Power HandlingmW300
Operating Temperature°C-40〜+85
Storage Temperature°C-40~+85
Fiber Type-Corning SMF-28 Ultra, G657A1/A2 or customer specified


  • Insertion loss excluding connector loss.

  • Connectors can be customized on request.

  • Fiber type is Corning SMF-28 Ultra, G657A1/A2 and so on.

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