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The adjacent channels of CWDM use parallel beams to cascade In free space Instead of using optical fibers.Without the fiber used In cascade, the size of CCWDM package can reach 54x25x7mm, which Is about 3 timessmaller than that of standard CWDM package.

CCWDM optical module Is widely used In the fields of coarse wavelength division multiplexing system, PONnetwork, ATV link, telecommunication network enterprise network, metropolitan area network WDM system,4G/communication moble system, 100G solution, access network, metropolitan area network WDM system,optlcal fiber tools and so on.


• Low insertion loss

• Wide pass band

• High channel isolation

• High stability and reliability

• Epoxy free on optical path

• CWDM grid


• Broadband Systems

• Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing

• Metro/Access Communication

• Networks

• Fiber Optic Instruments

Specification of CCWDM-(8ch+EXP)


Center Wavelength

8ch CWDM ITU+ Exp. channel

Channel Spacing

20 nm

Channel Passband

±6.5 nm

Insertion Loss(CWDM.Port)


Insertion Loss (Exp.port)


Adjacent Channel Isolation

≥ 30 dB

Non-adjacent Channel Isolation

≥ 40 dB

Filter Technology

TFF (Thin Film Filter)

Passband Ripple

≤ 0.5 dB

Return Loss

≥ 45 dB


≥ 50 dB

Polarzation Dependent Loss

≤ 0.3 dB

Power Handling

≤ 300 mW

Operating Temperature

-40°C~ +85°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C~ +85°C

Fiber length


Fiber Type

Corning G657A2

Pigtail and Connector Type

0.9mm loose tube with LC/UPC connector

Package Dimension

(L)54×(W)25×(H)7mm Aluminium alloy box

Note: Losses above include connector loss and adapter loss.
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