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Fiber Optic Flexplane

Fiber Optic Flexplane

Fiber optic flexplanes provide one of the highest density and versatile interconnect systems on the market today. For high fiber-count interconnects in backplanes and cross-connect systems, fiber optic flexplane provides a manageable means of fiber routing from card-to-card or shelf-to-shelf. Designed for versatility, flexplane provides high-density routing on a flexible, flame-resistant substrate. A variety of interconnects, including MTP, MT, MXC, LC, SC and the like can be terminated to connect the optical flex circuits to individual cards in a shelf. Available in any routing scheme, fiber can be routed point-to-point, in a shuffle, or in a logical pattern to meet specific requirements. Both direct and fusion-spliced terminations are available.


  • High Reliability. The product performance is stable, meeting the Generic Reliability Assurance Requirement for Passive Optical Components GR-1221-CORE.

  • Bendable. The fiber flexplane is flexible and bendable. The bending radius is up to 15 mm, and the bending has no impact on the optical performance and has no additional loss to optical link.

  • Customizable. Customized substrate size, shape and available in almost any routing scheme

  • Ultra-thin. The thickness of single-layer fiber flexplane reaches 1.0mm or less.

  • Flame Retardant. The flexplane conforms to UL 94V-0 standard.

  • Green. Conforms to RoHS2.0 standard.

  • Both direct and fusion splice terminations are available

  • Compatible with MT ferrules, MTP, MXC, LC, SC connectors etc.

  • Single-mode, multimode or hybrid versions are available

  • Insertion loss (IL) and continuity of entire circuit system is 100% tested

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